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Specialty fabric mills throughout the world


North Country is a premium Men’s shirting brand featuring limited runs of iconic products from specialty fabric mills throughout the world. 

North Country features artisan fabrics, custom findings and exceptional tailoring to create a unique and timeless experience.  Steeped in the heritage of master weavers, knitters and tailors, NC reinvents casual luxury for today’s discerning man. 

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The Authentic Portuguese Flannel Shirt


More than 100 years ago, German fabric engineers descended upon the green landscape north of Porto near the former capital of Portugal, Guimarães. There, in the Vale do Ave, small family owned fabric mills learned the art of weaving and finishing yarn dyed flannel. The climate in this region proved ideal for brushing the cotton loomstate. Over time, these Portuguese fabric makers became master artisans of this unique and complex cloth, developing proprietary techniques for skillfully raising the nap of the fabric with the most delicate blend of pressure selected to achieve the perfect loft and performance.

Today, only a few true flannel mills exist in the hills surrounding the Ave river.

North country partnered with one such mill, a small fourth generation family owned flannel specialist to create an exclusive cloth of exceptional softness and durability. Experience the richness and supreme comfort of this limited run shirt.